Medollic is songwriter/vocalist Lix North, songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer James North, and drummer Steve Pope.


In 2007, with guitar and a handful of songs in tow, Lix moved from New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia where she, James and Steve began arranging, recording and writing more of what would become Medollic’s critically acclaimed debut 10 track album, ‘Dollhouse’.


Medollic is one of those rare equations that’s as much about chemistry as it is mathematics. Multi-instrumentalist producer James tracked and produced the entire album in his studio in Brisbane. James is responsible for the Dollhouse album arrangements, parts and performance of electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keys and percussion. Lyricist Lix takes care of the vocal melodies, sharing the composing duties with James. Steve crafts the unique rhythmic personality for every song and his creativity as a drummer plays a pivotal role in Medollic’s sound.



Medollic the band Lix North, James North, Steve Pope 2009 - photo by Nic Suzor



In 2010 on the strength of the Dollhouse album Medollic reached #1 on the MySpace Australia Indie charts, won the SonicBids stipend for City Showcase (UK/NZ) and after their City Showcase performance, went on to be Sonicbids’ Indie Pick of the Week (13/12/2010). Dollhouse has received rave reviews from Paige X. Cho (reviewer for FasterLouder.com.au, MTV, Rollingstone AU), Nimrodstreet.com (Florida, USA), Audicaocritica.com.br (BRAZIL), IndependentMediaMag.com (NYC, USA), Britpopnews.com/PlasticHassle (UK) and Mojoradio.us (USA).



What’s in a Name?

Medollic the band Lix North, 2009 - photo by Nic Suzor

Once upon a time in the Land of the Long White Cloud, at the very bottom of the world, there lived a girl with a guitar and a vivid imagination. She painted her days and wrote her nights into songs, poems and stories. She built her world in the space between dreams and real life as she knew it.


One day, upon her travels across the ocean, she met two boys. One with a room filled with wondrous musical instruments and hands that knew how to play them, and the other with a simple pair of wooden sticks with which he could spark a rhythm that made the world turn in time. She laughed at them, because she thought they were both wonderful! She began to speak to them of ‘melodic’ things, but in haste her lips tripped on the word, and what fell out instead was “Medollic”