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Triple J Unearthed - Free Downloads!

While Medollic is focused on the international market, the band has also made headway in the Australian scene. We're proud to announce that we've created a Triple J Unearthed profile for the band athttp://www.triplejunearthed.com/Medollic.

From that site you can download 3 tracks in full as well as stream them and add a review.

We really hope that our fans from around the world can take the time to review our music at that site because it will result in more airplay for the band. This is a great chance for those of you who can't purchase our music through the website until it is released to show your support!

Thank you again for your continued support and keep checking back for more news!


Medollic's debut album "Dollhouse" available now!

The Dollhouse CDs have landed at Medollic HQ looking stunning in shiny full colour 4 panel digipak format, all ready for the band's signatures and their personal dedication to you.

So, are you ready? The Medollic online Music Store is now open! The 10 track album is currently available to purchase in two formats:

Ltd Ed Signed Dollhouse CD
$17.99 AUD (approx $16.40 USD/12 EURO) ready to be shipped to you anywhere in the world. The Ltd Ed Dollhouse CD comes with a bonus Free Instant MP3 Download of the entire 10track album so you can listen straight away without even waiting for the postman! Additional Bonus: Purchasing the Ltd Ed Dollhouse CD entitles you to automatically receive membership to the Medollic Entourage. This gives you access to special Entourage member forums at www.medollic.com, a VIP area where you can chat with the band, other fans and take part in exclusive competitions. Entourage membership is ONLY available to those who have purchased 'Dollhouse' on CD.

Dollhouse MP3 Digital Download
$13.99 AUD (approx $12.70USD/9.40 EURO) includes all 10 album tracks as 320kbps MP3s with embedded lyrics and a PDF digibook containing the 4 page album artwork and liner notes. The download will be available to you instantly after your purchase is complete and will be downloadable for a 24 hour period. NB: Purchasing the Dollhouse MP3 Digital Download does not entitle you to Entourage Membership.

Your purchase of the Dollhouse album direct from Medollic.com helps make it possible for the band to take their live show around the world and one step closer to your town! Thank you all once again for your dedication and support and don't forget to contact us via the contact page if you have any questions!

Rock 'n' roll!!!

CD Ordering Update

Unfortunately due to an issue at the printing plant, there has been a delay with delivering the Pre-Release copies of our album Dollhouse. We anticipate this will result in the CDs being available on or around Monday 29 March.

We apologise to everybody who has been so supportive and so enthusiastic about our music, but ask that you continue to hold out with us until we have the CD to send out to you!

In addition to this we can reveal that our album will be available for $13.99 AUD as a digital download and $17.99 AUD as a physical CD. We have tried to make the price low so that everybody can afford to purchase our music anywhere in the world.

If you haven't already, please say hello to us on Twitter/MySpace/Facebook and remember that by supporting us and buying our music directly, you make it more likely for us to visit your city or country!

We already have plans to head to Japan this year and we're looking forward to visiting other countries as well.

Thanks again for your support!

Lix, James, Steve

Limited Album Pre Release

Hello こんにちは Hallo 喂 Zdravo Bonjour Halo Ciao Witaj Olá Hola

We are pleased to announce that we are able to sell our album directly here on our website in digital and physical form! There will be strictly limited copies of both available due to in-store release schedules.

The artwork for the CD has been completed and the master disc is off to manufacturing. In the next few days we hope to announce a Pre-Release sales date for Dollhouse.

For sale will be a 320kbps MP3 version as well as a Digipak CD version of the record.

The digital album will include the cover art and lyrics embedded into the mp3, as well as the full album artwork in high resolution with credits. It will be available at 320Kbps which is a higher quality than iTunes and most other online stores. It will also be DRM free, so that you can copy it to your own personal devices.

The physical CD will be in premium Digipak form with embedded CD Text and will include the signature of each band member as well as your name.

By purchasing the Digipak CD, you will also receive membership to the Medollic Entourage. This entitles you to post on the private forums on Medollic.com, signs you up to the newsletter (you can unsubscribe later) and allows for entry into Entourage competitions that will be run.

We would like to thank you for your support as we continue to be heard all around the world!

Lix, James, Steve.

Album Cover

To follow on from our recent release of samples here on this site as well as on our MySpace and Last FM sites (links on the left hand side), we've taken another step towards the release of our album Dollhouse. We're happy to reveal the album's stunning cover artwork created by Lix at Wealth & Hellbeing Creative

Medollic's Dollhouse album artwork

We'll have more information regarding releases and tours in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and sign up to the Fan News on the left to stay up to date with the band and our movements!

Lix, James, Steve, Medollic


Medollic's album Dollhouse is finally finished and has been mastered by Eric Conn (Dixie Chicks, Garth Brookes, Skid Row) of Independent Mastering in Nashville.

We're really proud of how it sounds and we're also proud of the dynamic range presented in the recording.

You may notice that our record sounds fractionally lower in apparent volume than some other rock recordings. This is because the RMS (average volume) of the recording is lower, overall. We have elected to allow more drums, more guitars, more bass, more vocals to expand within the same space, where other bands might give you a recording that takes up all the space.

The result is that you may need to nudge up your volume knob on whatever you are playing it on. It will sound better, bigger and rockier than the majority of other modern recordings when they are listened to at the same output level. Other recordings will sound squashed and lacking in punch and space.

Some albums that are at a similar overall level to Dollhouse are: ACDC's Back In Black, The Living End's The Living End, Rage Against The Machine's Rage Against The Machine, The Wallflowers' Bringing Down The Horse, John Mayer's Continuum, The Spin Doctors' Pocket Full of Kryptonite, Bruce Springsteen's Magic, Cake's Fashion Nugget, Ryan Adams' Gold and Live's Throwing Copper.

A really great explanation is given here:

Over the last 10 years, music producers (like myself!) and mastering engineers are increasingly being asked to make their music sound as loud as possible to the initial listen. All this does is make you turn it down to a level that suits your ears. With our recording, you will take it to the level that suits your ears, but you will be immersed in much more sound and it will not hurt your ears over periods of extended listening (which we expect you to be doing!).

"It's a natural sounding rock record-- like they used to sound like! You remember, good songs, good players, rocking out? Where'd that go? HEY! Here it is!"
-- Eric Conn (Independent Mastering) on mastering Medollic's Dollhouse album.

We hope you appreciate the dynamics and quality of the recording as we try to take back the art of music production!


January 26 2010: The Latest...

While everybody else celebrates Australia Day, Lix and James are working on the final two songs for the Medollic album. We've got 8 ground-breaking mixes done and we've only got two more songs to sing on!

Of course, we are recording at James' studio and he's producing the record as well as playing the guitars, bass and keys.

We're also in the process of updating our website to ensure that news is up to date and easy for us to manage.

The end of the road is near and we're excited about what lies ahead.