About The Band

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"Once upon a time in the Land of the Long White Cloud, at the very bottom of the world, there lived a girl with a guitar and a vivid imagination. She painted her days and wrote her nights into songs, poems and stories. She built her world in the space between dreams and real life as she knew it. One day upon her travels she met two boys, one with a room filled with wondrous musical instruments and hands that knew how to play them, and the other with a simple pair of wooden sticks with which he could spark a rhythm that made the world turn in time. She laughed at them, because she thought they were both wonderful! She began to speak to them of ‘melodic’ things, but in haste her lips tripped on the word, and what fell out instead was Medollic..."

Medollic is Lix Bacskay, James North and Steve Pope. In 2007, with a handful of songs and guitars in tow, Lix moved from New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia where she, James and Steve began arranging, recording and writing more of what would become Medollic’s critically acclaimed debut 10 track album, ‘Dollhouse’.

Medollic is one of those rare equations that’s as much about chemistry as it is mathematics. Multi-instrumentalist producer James tracked and produced the entire album in his studio in Brisbane. James is responsible for the Dollhouse album arrangements, parts and performance of electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keys and percussion. Lyricist Lix takes care of the vocal melodies, sharing the composing duties with James, and opportunely the band as a whole. Steve crafts the unique rhythmic personality for every song and his creativity as a drummer plays a pivotal role in Medollic’s sound. 

In 2009 Medollic was selected from bands all around the world to win a mastering package for their album from Independent Mastering in Nashville, Tennessee. In mid 2010 on the strength of the Dollhouse album Medollic reached #1 on the MySpace Australia Indie charts, won the SonicBids stipend for City Showcase (UK/NZ) and after their performance, went on to be Sonicbids' Indie Pick of the Week (13/12/2010). Dollhouse has received rave reviews from Paige X. Cho (reviewer for FasterLouder.com.au, MTV, Rollingstone AU), Nimrodstreet.com (Florida, USA), Audicaocritica.com.br (BRAZIL), IndependentMediaMag.com (NYC, USA) and Mojoradio.us (USA) where tracks from the album are on regular rotation.


Lix: Vocals, Guitar, Backing Vocals.
  Lix Bacskay (pr. ‘batch-koy’) grew up somewhere akin to her own private universe, a small coastal town called Nelson in New Zealand. As a musician she is largely self taught, songwriting beginning as an affair of sorts, into whose arms she’d crawl in the hush of the wee hours, guitar in hand, journal open, lights down low. Lix’s musical work prior to Medollic was largely acoustic based material and those roots shine through in Medollic’s sound. When not writing or recording with the band, Lix divides her time between exhibiting as a professional artist and designing album artwork for artists and bands all around the world. Medollic’s “Dollhouse” cover artwork is a prime example of her work. A few of Lix’s favourite artists are: Bruce Springsteen, The Roots, Ryan Adams, Powderfinger and Gin Wigmore.
James: Guitars, Bass, Keys, Percussion, Backing Vocals.
  James North grew up in Brisbane, Australia. As a teenager he studied at the QLD Conservatorium, going on to further studies in Science, IT and Law before opening his own recording studio at the young age of 23. Prior to joining Medollic James had toured Australia as a session guitarist for local and international acts. As a producer, he’s worked with musicians and artists from Australasia, Japan, Europe and the USA, drawing his production influences from across all genres. A few of James’ favourite artists are: Prince, Jimi Hendrix, The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jeff Buckley.
Steve: Drums, Backing Vocals.
  Steve Pope began his drumming career bashing on cardboard boxes and Milo tin lids with his high school friends. Since graduating to something satisfyingly louder than boxes Steve has completed a Bachelor of Music at the QLD Conservatorium, taught at the Gold Coast Conservatorium Bachelor of Popular Music, performed extensively with Sony/BMG pop artist Kate Miller-Heidke and notable rock outfits Bulldozer and Transport. He has recorded and toured internationally, performing for MTV Exit in Nepal, and at the Big Day Out and Livid festivals in Australia. When not touring, Steve runs a drum tuition studio in Brisbane teaching around 50 students a week. A few of Steve’s favourite artists are: Deftones, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, The Roots and Weezer.